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The Benefits of Massage

hy-dro-mas-sage (n)

...the use of water to produce therapeutic benefits.
This can be done through administering liquids
(warm water), solids (ice), or gas (steam).
Hydrotherapy is becoming increasingly more
popular as an alternative to drug therapy.
For centuries, massage has been recognized for
its healing properties.

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Immediate Benefits Long Term Benefits Physiological Benefits Muscular Effects Circulatory System Digestive System Respiratory Effects Psychological Effects
The DrySpa® allows the person to float comfortably on a layer of warm water as pressure-controlled multiple therapeutic water jets provide trigger point massage effects to the body simultaneously and/or locally to key stress-retaining muscles in a temperature controlled buoyant dry state while producing additional rippling massage effects under the person from head to toe.

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The DrySpa Hydro massage bed automatically cycles waves of warm water from head to toe,while still being able to target a specific group of muscle zones. You'll float comfortably on a pliant surface which covers the water-filled DrySpa.
Don't let pain or stress keep you from the activities you enjoy...
Make a regular Spabed Session Part Of Your Life! Get all the facts on how to