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Increase Your Amenities and Your Profits

Offer your clients one of the most asked for services in the industry without hiring and
training new personnel. The Amazing line of SpaBed® products is engineered to provide
a convenient, inexpensive, therapeutic massage in minutes! The SpaBed Line combines heat, flotation, and massage therapies to give your clients pain relief, stress reductions, and an overall sense of well being.   As pressurized streams of  heated water and/or air mixed jets soothe the muscles, the clients relaxes on a pliant vinyl (top membrane) liner, allowing them to remain fully clothed and dry.  Completely self contained, the SpaBed® DrySpa® or EuroWave® needs no additional plumbing and has convenient 120-220 volt electrical requirements.  Over head cost are minimal with no additional personnel, licensing, or certification, while operating cost are pennies per session. The SpaBed line of products is convenient source of total massage or as a relaxation tool for a massage therapist.  Give your business the diversity and increased profits you deserve.


Hydrotherapy may reduce stress; improve blood circulation, and injury rehabilitation by reducing high levels of lactic acid thus preventing range of motion stiffness.   Hydrotherapy provides an innovative dimension for fitness per-post workout soreness, rest, and relaxation.  The SpaBed line of products produces a magnificent hydrotherapy with out getting wet or undressing.The SpaBed line of products are the only dry hydrotherapy systems to combine full body flotation, full body heat, and full body water and/or air mixed enriched (invisible hands) jets that automatically cycles waves of hydrotherapy from head to toe.  Today we must look at services that can effectively contribute to satisfaction, good will usage, and referrals.  We must look at services as investments that can effectively contribute to the bottom line. Get all the facts on how to order your SpaBed line of products today.

Fitness Centers

As you know, the health and fitness revolution has made good health an integral part of our lifestyles. As society ages, we begin to understand and acknowledge the importance of a regular exercise and fitness, whether we seek to relieve stress, anxiety, alleviate neck shoulder, lower back pain, leg pain, and foot pain or to enhance our self esteem improve our shape, flexibility or just want to feel better about ourselves. Whatever the reason the older we get the tougher it gets to turn back our biological clocks.  The SpaBed® line of products promises to make the road toward improved health and fitness a little easier and less painful for your members, Like exercise, hydrotherapy is well documented. 


Whether traveling for business or leisure guests can take advantage of this massage service while providing the establishment additional revenue.

Most resorts guests are looking for ways to unwind and completely relax. SpaBed® DrySpa® or EuroWave® Massage Systems is the perfect solution to assist them and is a welcome addition to many spa treatments or a stand alone service.

Members can enjoy another service provided by their preferred club. Whether after a round of golf or a game of tennis, SpaBed® DrySpa® or EuroWave® Massage Systems is the best way to relax or rejuvenate those tired muscles, and increase range of motion.


Imagine having your own personal massage system on call whenever you want, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Consider our State-of-the-art dry hydrotherapy systems. The SpaBed®, DrySpa®, or EuroWave® Hydro Massage System is your private destination for serenity, and rejuvenation each and every day.  Whether it's to unwind from the complexities of everyday life, to melt away stress, and pain or to help you sleep more restfully, our hydrotherapy System will help you relax . The SpaBed® DrySpa® or EuroWave® Hydro massage systems relaxes muscles,  just like professional hands on massage only in less time and without the need to get undressed or get wet!

Make the SpaBed family line of products and integral part of your client's services.  Recent statistics show that less than one percent of all health club members take advantage of an on-site massage therapist. Common reasons for reluctance are cost ($50.00 or more per session), time constraints (45 minutes to an hour), and personal discomfort (poor body image, disrobing, and being touched by a stranger).

Fortunately the SpaBed® DrySpa® and EuroWave®  Massage Systems has negated all of these concerns. Remember, the SpaBed® DrySpa® and EuroWave® Massage Systems is completely user-operated, with no additional labor; you are able to provide this service for a fraction of the cost of a traditional massage. In today's fast-paced world, time is the most valuable commodity. The SpaBed® DrySpa® and EuroWave® Massage Systems uses multiple water and/or air mixed (invisible hands) jets to provide an intense, full body heated massage to numerous parts of the body simultaneously and/or locally ... no need to wait for an individual area to be massaged.

Most importantly, the SpaBed®, DrySpa®, and EuroWave® Massage Systems
provides a safe atmosphere. Your client remains clothed, so there is no awkwardness involved in undressing and your business incurs no additional liabilities. Our Massage Systems is easy for your clients to use; it is also a suitable way to expand your business services. Energy costs are only pennies per session, no expense of additional employees or cost of goods is incurred, and the SpaBed®, DrySpa®, or EuroWave® Massage Systems is practically maintenance free. For added peace of mind, the SpaBed® Massage Systems comes with a manufacturers warranty and technical support through knowledgeable customer service representatives.